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Author interview for book Promotion.



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Book Promotion

Author interview for book Promotion.


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Midnight Rider Productions is actively involved in developing and marketing sophisticated and elegant video production techniques. Video on the internet has become a fast growing means of communication for professionals with a message, Podcasts, BLOGS, Video Websites and Video Ads for the Web. Industrial and Corporate video markets also now use the Web for Podcasts and Video cast training worldwide.

pre production info

Midnight Rider Productions will work together with clients to produce the best possible productions based on client needs. We specialize in Green Screen technology for Podcasters. Our library of Colorful backgrounds (static and moving) as well as our Virtual Set Library offers an extensive array of set choices. We can bring added value to your video through music tracks to enrich the story, special effects to enrich the video and host intros to tie your story together. All is optional for the client in the pre-production stage. Our Producers will work with the client and make the best possible recommendations to achieve client goals in their video production.

Midnight Rider Productions Video Gallery

production and shooting

Midnight Rider Productions will help you with pre production and planning and shooting. Midnight Rider Productions makes use of Green/Blue screen and virtual set technology's for those for those interested in shooting Podcasts or "lead-ins" and "wrap arounds".


post production and special effects

Midnight Rider Productions will offer you a wide variety of "special effects" and "post production" enhancements to bring added value in both the technical and artistic areas of your story. Your video production will stand out with our professional non liner editing and thoughtful use of special effects and transitional material. Each segment can be introduce by you or your host on one of 50 different virtual sets ranging from a space station to a wide screen media wall in our skyline studio. Lawyers may want to consider our Courtroom set. Check out our Virtual Set Library.

Click on our Media Gallery to see the assortment of music tracks and transitional effects.

media and internet delivery

Your finished productions are delivered to you on your choice of Beta SP, Mini DV, DVCAM, HDV tape formats or DVD, Quicktime, AVI, Mpeg 2 and MPEG 4. Cost of Tape and DVD stock additional.


The Cutting Torch

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Creative Minds
What 3 creative artists did in 4 days without big Hollywood money.